Agile Coach Camp Germany 2011

I just arrived home from this year Agile Coach Camp Germany in Rückersbach close to Frankfurt and although I am pretty tired I want to give you a small expression of this great weekend.

The theme of this year Agile Coach Camp was “The inner fire works!” and every single participant helped to make the fire huge. There were a lot of sessions proposed, all of them interesting and exciting and some of them were proposed even for the evening in the bar. As I said before, the fire was huge. There are three sessions I want to mention and tell you a little bit more about.

The first session I want to mention was facilitated by Olaf Bublitz, who told us more about Causal Loops. I did not know anything about the technique before and I think its pretty cool. To me Causal Loops are some kind of canalized mind maps and I very much like the idea, because e.g. I can use it as a ScrumMaster by myself or in a team of ScrumMasters tackling a problem we are facing. I also want to thank Sergey Dmitriev for sharing his experience with Causal Loops, too.

The second session I liked a lot, Markus Wittwer told us about the mechanics of non-violent communications. He explained to us the different ways of communications and how non-violent communications work. Thanks to Thomas Ferris Nicolaisenand his girlfriend (actually she wasn’t there ;-) for being a great example of communication.

The last session was very personal and was a nice way to get some personal insights. Deborah Hartmann Preuss facilitated the session in a great way and helped us to find our own very personal mission. Thanks go out to Thorsten O. Kalnin whom I worked with and who shared his mission with me in the session. Thank you for the trust.

Certainly I want to thank Deborah, Olaf and Markus for their great session, too. It was great. Thank you!

And of course I also want to thank the organizers team, who made this awesome Agile Coach Camp possible. Thank you all I really enjoyed the Camp very much!

Special thanks go out to Martin Heider, for asking me to facilitate a getKanban game session which I think it went very well, considering the time, I had to prepare myself and it was the first time I did it. I hope the ones playing gained some new insights on Kanban.

If you are interested in coaching and especially Agile coaching you should definitely should be part of the Agile Coach Camp 2012 (22th – 24th June). I will definitely be there! See you next year!



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