Kanban Leadership Retreat 2013

After I had to pass on last year’s Kanban Leadership Retreat, I had the pleasure to attend it this year. Again Kanban leaders from everywhere were invited to discuss the future of Kanban in the beautiful town Mayrhofen in Austria.

Arriving Saturday with my wife and child we first enjoyed Mayrhofen, which is truly worth a visit, before the Kanban Leadership Retreat started on Monday. There were a lot of people I knew from blogs, twitter or last years LKCE in Vienna. Meeting all these interesting people in Person was worth the ride.

Every single attendee had something to share, discuss or contribute. Sessions were a nice mix of presenting new ideas, challenging the status quo, learning from others and creating new things.

The sessions I especially liked or found helpful were

  • Models by Mike Burrows feat. Arne Roock
    Mike told us about Influencer, GROW, A3 and Pyramid Principle, four models he uses frequently. In the end we had a discussion about the meaning of the “Use models…” Kanban practice.


  • Mapping the Kanban Universe by David J. Anderson
    Resulting from another session on the first day. David and some others decided to build a map of the Kanban universe as we as a community see it. The picture below shows the session’s result. I am convinced this is just the beginning and the idea will evolve over the year. Actually discussions already started


  • Lean Forecasting by Troy Magennis
    Troy’s session was the most amazing one to me. The stuff he talks about and how he tells it must be described as groundbreaking! I have to admit I didn’t understand all of it in detail(language barrier and a lot of math), but I understood enough to get the impact his stuff will have. I’m looking forward to see him again at the LKCE13 in Hamburg.


  • Flow Manager(or whatever you want to call it) by Florian Eisenberg feat. me 
    flowmanager_klratFlorian and I brought up the hypothesis that every successful Kanban implementation has someone we called a flow manager. The flow manager as we mean it is somebody taking leadership. To be very clear we are not talking about a role in Kanban. We wanted to know, if others also see this pattern and how we spot these people and when spotted how should can we support them.



Thanks to all people making this event the great event it had been. Special thanks go out to the organizers. I hope I could give you a nice inside into the Kanban Leadership Retreat and who knows maybe we will meet next year in Portugal.

If you any questions or just want share your thoughts to one of the sessions, don’t hesitate to comment. I would love to hear what you think especially about the flow manager.

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