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Last week fourteen people all especially dedicated to agile and/or lean met in Munich to discuss Jurgen Appelo‘s idea of an Agile Lean Europe network, short ALEnetwork. The meet up was not a Munich phenomenon. Not at all. Everywhere in Europe people have met to discuss the idea and gather some information on what ALEnetwork is to them, what they expect and especially what they don’t expect.

The position of the Luxembourgish community on ALEnetwork is an awesome expample of ideas people came up with. Not only did they meet, Pierre NEIS also made the following very cool slideshare.

[slideshare id=7795709&doc=aleluxv1-110501142241-phpapp02]
But like I said the Luxembourg community was not the only one discussing the ALEnetwork idea. There were a meet up in Sweden, another German meet up in Düsseldorf and the one Christian, Ilker and me organised in Munich. At least these are the ones I know of. I am sure there were more.

So what did Munich came up with you ask? Our idea was to do a World Café with everybody so we came up with three topics people could talk about at each table. The topics were Stay Local, Connect Global and Call to Actions.

The ALEnetwork "Stay Local" chart

The idea behind “Stay Local” was let the people talk about what the local community could give and receive from the ALEnetwork. To be honest this topic was the hardest of all and I learned a lot more about the importance of local groups, because they are some kind of safe place or retreat, when we talk about the global idea.


Chart Connect Global Agile Lean Europe MunichThe next picture show the ideas people came up with talking about the “Connect Global” topic. The highlight here was the, no question at all, the “Agile Couch Surfing” idea. Most people thought this would be a great idea. It did not take me long to combine “Agile Couch Surfing” with the “Pair Coaching” idea I saw a day before in the Luxembourg slideshare. Other ideas for the global connection were the ALEnetwork should something to aggregate information from the different local groups throughout Europe and that way create a pool for everybody to learn from and contribute their own ideas. Somebody in the group described it as a research network where different ideas meet and might melt to new forms of methods, ideas, games, practices or even new principle. Maybe principles unique to Europe?

Chart StayLocal Agile Lean Europe Munich

Actually there is not much to tell you about the last “Call to Actions” chart. The reason is, it was getting late and everybody agreed we should add the results of the other tables to the mind map Olaf Lewitz started to gather the ideas of the German community. The results will be taken by Olaf to the first big ALEnetwork meet up at XP2011 in Madrid.

So what is next? First of all we will wait for the results the representatives will come up with in Madrid. Afterwords there will be another meet up in Munich. So let us sit back, drink some Ales and wait what happens in Madrid. I am very anxious about it and will be following closely what development the ALEnetwork will take.

Please share your thoughts on ALEnetwork in the comments and what you think about the “Agile Couch Surfing”+”Pair Coaching” idea with me. I would appreciate that a lot.

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